Alpha HR Solutions provides expertise in the field of managing human resources and recruitment services. American investment funds make up the majority of the company’s shares, and in our everyday work we connect our knowledge of the Polish market with the professionalism, best practices and solid fundamentals we brought  from the American Human Resources market – one of the largest HR markets in the world.  This also ensures Alpha HR Solutions the stability necessary to be a business partner for companies in a multitude of fields and for managers hiring any number of employees.

In the area of hiring, evaluating and developing personnel the basis for practically all of the methods we use are skills evaluations. Skills Evaluations guarantee the effectiveness of periodical evaluation techniques, Assessment and Development Center evaluations, and they emphasize a unified model of skills used at companies which are instrumental in our proprietary outplacement program. One effect of our approach is that the Alpha HR Solutions’s clients can boast of teams where skills are the basis of steady and constant business development.

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